Friday, August 31, 2012

Week of 9/4-9/7

Homework for Reading starts this week!  I will be assigning Reading Homework on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights.  Please ask your child to find a quiet spot and read the assignment twice by themselves and then once with an adult.

Please practice Spelling words every night!!  Each day that your child brings me his/her written list of spelling words signed by a parent  that they completed the previous evening at home, I will offer 1 bonus point towards their test.

The snacks have been wonderful, but our afternoons are so busy.  Please send small snacks that the children could possibly eat while working on afternoon assignments or within 5 minutes.  This does not include the Friday that your child is Student of the Week.  On that day, they may bring whatever their favorite snack is, and we will make time for it. 

We will have on oral reading test on Tuesday, September 4!
We will  have a Spelling test and our second Phonics test on Wednesday, September 5!
We will have a Bible test on Thursday, September 6!  (Don't forget this week's test has two verses.)
We will have a Writing test on Friday, September 7!

If you would like to volunteer, please email me a day that would work best for you. 

Princess of the Week is Jenna!

If you check this blog and send a note in signed, I will give your child 5 bonus points toward a test that week!

Friday, August 24, 2012


We have had another great week!!

I told the children that they could bring a water bottle to keep at their desk.  Please make sure that the water bottle has a lid, and they may only have water. 

We will be having a Phonics test on Tuesday, August 28.

We will have our next Bible verse test next Thursday, August 30.

We will be having an Arithmetic test on Friday, August 31.

Joshua will be our new Prince of the Week!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Week of 8/20-8/24

  • We are off to a great start!! 

  • Student of the Week is Josiah!

  • Just a reminder, please wear gym shoes to school and pack other shoes to change into if necessary.  We go to PE at 8:30 a.m.

  • The snack schedule may change depending on surplus of snacks.

  • All "All About Me" posters are due on Monday, 8/20/2012.

  • Please remind your children that behavior charts start on Monday!!


Parent Teacher Conferences are Monday, February 18, from 4:00-6:30 p.m. If you would like a time slot, please let me know, and I will sign ...